I am a Reiki/Seichem Master practitioner with almost 10 years experience omariaf teaching and one to one practice.  I am also an IET® Master-Instructor teaching  all three levels of IET and working on a one2one basis with clients. Angel Energy Therapy and Crystals are other passions of mine and I like to incorporate their energy in my teaching and healing work.

I have a background in health having worked in Beaumont Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia and more recently in a North County Dublin GP practice.

I had my first Reiki session with a friend because of back problems.  After 4 months my back had improved so much, I felt like I was back in control of my life having been ruled by back issues for many years.  It was then that I made the decision to learn about Reiki.

It is my belief that all our lives can greatly benefit from healing of all modalities.

For more information on classes/workshops and for appointments, I can be contacted on 086-384 5971 or mariafkelly63@gmail.com